Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Roof Coatings 2021 (Honest Review)

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  • Date: October 23, 2021
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Are you looking for the best airless paint sprayer for roof coatings? Let me help you in this my team work hard to find the top products to according to your need.

An airless sprayer is the most effective way to apply roof coatings. Airless sprayers use a hydraulic pump to atomize the coating.

Most Recommended Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Roof Coatings

Wagner 052008 Control Painter Paint Sprayer

Wagner 052008 Control Painter Paint Sprayer
Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer
NoCry 1200ml/min Electric Paint Sprayer

NoCry 1200ml/min Electric Paint Sprayer

Elastomeric coatings need more significant pressures and flow rates than paints. A roof rig usually has a minimum pressure of 3000 psi with a 3– 4 gallons flow rate per minute.

A siphon hose pipe on the product inlet generally is utilized to draw material straight from 55-gallon drums or 5-gallon pails.

A spray gun with an extender wand allows for comfy covering application without needing to hold the spray gun annoyingly close to the surface.

A. 017 tip is usually suggested for roof primers and.031 for elastomeric coatings. Tips are reversible for easy cleaning and clearing of occasional tip clogs.

Proper spray technique involves keeping a weapon level with a roof’s surface area at all times, preserving a consistent distance between the spray tip and surface area.

Use an overlapping, crosshatch pattern to make sure total coverage and a uniform finish.

So without talking more lets move to our top 5 picks of best paints sprayer for roof coatings.

My Picks : Top 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Roof Coatings

1. Wagner 052008 Control Painter Paint Sprayer – Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Roof Coatings

The Wagner Control Paint Sprayer is a top-quality, adaptable ceiling sprayer that doesn’t waste your time and effort. 

It is the best of the best roof sealant spray guns and appropriates for all types of jobs, be it medium or enormous tasks. It works roughly five times faster than any brush or roller.

Control Painter applies coatings 5 times faster than a brush, making it easy to spray medium-sized jobs like decks, fences, garages, furnishings. 

This paint spray gun uses a smooth, even finish without brush marks. 

You can quickly spread an 8 ‘x 10’ location in under 2 minutes to get your projects done faster.

Using this machine is very easy, and you can get an extraordinary result compared to other spray guns. 

For particular jobs, the user can easily change the amount of coating spray width and pattern. 

Wagner spray roofing coatings are incredible, adjusting to many products from paints to discolorations.

Get the best circulation for your task by adjusting the material flow control, spray width, and spray pattern (vertical or horizontal). 

Perfect for spraying thin paints, sealants, semi-transparent spots, intense discolorations. 

The sprayer has detachable parts that wash away, enabling simple clean-up. Hence, you’re ready for your next project.


  • It’s better than brushes
  • This is a versatile product
  • Perfectly carried out


  • The sound is too much

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2. Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer for Roof Coatings: Top Airless Paint Sprayer for Roof Coatings

This airless roof coating paint sprayer from Graco has the most recent transmission system that runs smoothly without noise. And the very best part is that it is ensured for life.

In addition, it has an optimum flow rate of around 3.8 which helps the user to continue their spraying task without pressure variations.

When it’s obstructed so you can keep spraying, the RAC IV SwitchTip lets you reverse the tip. 

InstaClean Pump Filter– Additional pump purification decreases tip blocking due to dirt in the paint. 

ProX stainless steel piston pump lets you spray undiluted paint at high pressure

Furthermore, the Graco Roof Coating Sprinkler has an unique cart style that makes it strong, durable, and lasting. 

Furthermore, it includes stainless steel balls and ceramic product that enhance its efficiency.

Together with other remarkable functions, this sprayer has high-quality tires that can move over any hard, rough surface without breaking or getting harmed.

An airless paint sprayer with a hose of 150 feet is a vital part of airless paint sprayers and will assist you paint surface areas in a wide variety far from the airless paint sprayer.

A flexible suction tube allows you to spray straight from a 1 or 5-gallon pail of paint. The annual use suggestion is up to 500 gallons annually.


  • It has an innovative style and is simple to put together
  • An outstanding product
  • Cleans up quickly
  • A 50-foot hose


Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer
  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure to give you ultimate...
  • FILTERS DEBRIS FOR FEWER CLOGS: InstaClean pump filter - added pump...
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump allows you to...
  • SPRAY DIRECTLY FROM PAINT BUCKET: Flexible suction tube allows you to...
  • SPRAY MORE PROJECTS EACH YEAR: Annual use recommendation is up to 500...

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03. NoCry 1200ml/min Electric Paint Sprayer – Cheap Airless Paint Sprayer for Roof Coatings

This easy-grip spray gun is highly recommended for outside and interior painting specialists and dry cleaners.

It is fully tailored and contains the compatible airflow speed, product circulation volume, and different spray patterns, including circular, horizontal, and vertical.

Handheld spray gun for expert and DIY painting tasks both indoors and outdoors. 

Fully personalized finish with adjustable airflow speed, material flow volume, and spray pattern options (horizontal, vertical, and circular). 

Four color-coded nozzle tips (1/16, 5/64, 3/32, and 7/64 inch diameter) consist of spraying thick or thin finish materials.

Undoubtedly, with this sprayer, you can easily carry out all kinds of tasks, whether oil, paint, enamel, texture, lacquer, and so on. 

In addition, it is likewise compatible with a product whose viscosity depends on 100DIN/ sec at a high flow rate of 1200ml/ min.

The 5A/ 600W motor makes this paint gun one of the most powerful on the market. 

Spray, paint, oil, stain, enamel, lacquer, texture, and airbrush finishing products up to 100DIN/ sec viscosity at a maximum flow rate of 1200ml/ min (40.57 fl. oz/min), without the requirement to dilute them initially.

Most importantly, it has various paint and airflow settings so that you can use it for attired fences, roofings, roofing systems, furniture, chairs, and much more. 

This Nocry airless paint sprayer is offered together with a four-year warranty.

The spray attachment and 33,814 fl. oz container are removable, making the cleansing process much faster, safer, and more accessible. 

The cleaning brush and pin included in the plan help to clean the most difficult-to-reach places.


  • Eliminate obstructing
  • It features four nozzles
  • Good worth for money
  • Top-notch quality


  • There is no spare container
NoCry 1200ml/min Electric Paint Sprayer - 5A/600W Motor, 100 DIN/s Max Viscosity, Adjustable Air and Paint Flow Controls, 33.814fl.oz Container, 3 Spray Patterns; 4 Nozzles Included
  • Handheld spray gun for DIY & professional painting jobs both indoors...
  • The 5A/600W motor makes this paint gun one of the most powerful ones...
  • Multiple paint and air flow adjustment options allow you to coat...
  • The spray attachment and 33.814fl.oz container are both detachable,...
  • This NoCry Paint Sprayer comes with a 4 year warranty and the NoCry...

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04. Titan 0516011 XT250 Airless Paint Sprayer, 25′ Airless Hose – Top Quality Airless Paint Sprayer for Roof Coatings

The very best airless paint sprayer for ceiling coatings can be utilized for numerous purposes. 

Whether you want to work from automobile gates to fences, acrylics to call cement, interior doors, and from primers to overcoats, its efficiency is incredible due to its 25-foot pipe.

One of the best airless roofing paint sprayer functions is that you can quickly hold it in your hands and rapidly turn it to any angle. 

You can get your job done smoothly without spreading the spray from the can.

Specifically, the nozzle, made of quality stainless steel, is connected to this roof coating gun to enhance its resilience. 

In addition, needles are readily available to prevent blocking, which is handy in cleansing.

Best airless paint sprayer for elastomeric paint from 8 ″ range, 11 fan sizes are adjustable. 

That provides you a very smooth and tidy coverage that you can get from any other tool color like brush or rollers.

The best Titan 0516011 XT250 Airless Paint Sprayer for Roof Coatings has a 515 reversible tip, which benefits you by making your tasks easier. You can get great coverage with simply one try.


  • Handling is easy
  • A range of uses
  • Cleans easily


  • Screw modification is seldom a problem.
Titan 0516011 XT250 Airless Paint Sprayer, 25' Airless Hose
  • Rugged stand mount with carry handle
  • 1/4 x 25 ft. Airless spray hose with abrasion resistant polyurethane...
  • 1/2 hp motor

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05. Rrtizan Paint Sprayer, 800W High Power HVLP Electric Spray Gun – Latest Airless Paint Sprayer For Roof Coatings

There’s no requirement to sprinkle out on a state-of-the-art industrial paint sprayer for regular home usage and DIY projects when an affordable one like this.

Rrtizan 800W paint sprayer, with its adjustable flow control, three spray patterns, and user-friendliness, will get the job done well.

The package features whatever you need to get started on your job, apart from the paint. I used it to spray the sealing coat onto my deck,” reported one purchaser.

I like that there isn’t a ton of pieces to assemble. It also holds a good quantity of paint, so you do not have to fill it up constantly.

Another delighted client kept in mind, “For the rate, this is a good home paint sprayer.

The guidelines are a bit does not have so you need to play around with different nozzle mixes, but when you find the one that works for your application, it’s fantastic.


  • High Power Paint Sprayer.
  • 3 Spray Patterns.
  • 3 Copper Nozzle Sizes.
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Worth for the Money


  • Assembling could be difficult for newbie or beginner.
  • Clogging issue (According to the user).
  • Missing Instructions.
Rrtizan Paint Sprayer, 800W High Power HVLP Electric Spray Gun, 3 Copper Nozzle Kits & 3 Patterns, Easy Spraying and Cleaning, for Furniture, Fence, Car, Bicycle, Garden Chairs, Wall etc.
  • 🌈【High Power Paint Sprayer】Forget sponges, rollers and brushes,...
  • 🌈【3 Spray Patterns & 3 Copper Nozzle Sizes】The Paint gun can...
  • 🌈【Upgrade Advantages】Using copper nozzles can withstand...
  • 🌈【Easy to Use & Clean】The electric paint sprayer is detachable...
  • 🌈【Package Contents】1* Paint Sprayer, 1* 900ml Paint Container,...

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