5 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets To Buy In 2021

  • By: Sara William
  • Date: October 23, 2021
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Are you still looking for the Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets in 2021? Yeah, you are the right place I already shortlist the top handheld paint sprayer for cabinets. In today’s competition it’s not an easy job to find the best handheld paint sprayer for cabinets to buy in 2021.

New kitchen cabinets can be an expensive task, and you probably don’t want to go through a major remodel to get a whole new set.  If you think your cabinets can still be repaired and want to change their color, you probably wonder if repainting is possible in record time.

Fortunately, you can get the best handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets. Apply to paint thinner to your cabinets to remove the paint or stain, and then allow your paint sprayer to paint your cabinets in the color of your choice. 

Buying a paint and paint sprayer is more affordable and time-consuming than buying new cabinets in colors that may or may not be available. In this review, we’ll look at the five best handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets from brands like Graco and Wagner. Read on to see what each paint sprayer excels at and where they need improvement.

My Top Picks: 5 Best Handheld Paint Sprayer for Cabinets 2021

So let’s get started one by one detailed review of the top 5 best handheld paint sprayer for cabinets on the market.

01. Graco Ultra Corded 17M367 – Best Handheld Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets View on Amazon

Among the few cordless machines on the marketplace, Graco’s Ultra Max 17M367 cordless portable airless paint sprayer should attract contractors and DIYers who need operational freedom. This unit was tested by professionals to ensure it meets the requirements of extreme daily spraying.

Because it’s capable of handling flammable liquids (generally a severe no-no in the realm of electric painting), it’s excellent for users employing solvent-based materials.

Best suited to small to moderate indoor and outdoor tasks, the Graco Ultra Max hits from 500 to 2000 psi, adjusted with a rotary dial. Additionally, the included 514 suggestion is acceptable for many different substances, from stains to latex paints, with no need for thinning. A carbide piston pump is developed to provide reassuring durability whilst remaining lightweight.

Additionally, the Graco 17M367 Disposable FlexLiner System eliminates the hassle of post-project cleaning. Directed at the professional level consumer, this system includes patented ProConnect technologies that permit rapid pump replacement to keep downtime to a minimum.

The sprayer comes complete with two DeWalt XR ion cells along with a DeWalt battery charger. Each battery provides about one hour of continuous use on a single charge. A sturdy storage bag allows safe storage and easy transfer of the sprayer and its nozzles, bags, and power packs.

The wireless Max 17M367 is the flagship machine in Graco’s Ultra product line, a range of portable devices designed for the professional user. It’s a step up from the cheaper 17M359, which can be hardwired and not acceptable for use with social websites.

Features and Advantages of the Graco Max Ultra Cordless 17M367

Specced to the maximum and made for the serious user, the Graco 17M367 is a strong machine that provides an impeccable finish. Here are the elements which make this machine so attractive to the savvy sprayer.

Cordless Capability

Locating a cordless paint sprayer is tough. Almost as hard as finding a funny Woody Allen film after 1984. The problem is power and operational time.

Electric sprayer designers found it hard to pack enough energy in the batteries to operate a hydraulic pump for any usable quantity of time — without creating the cell the size of a briefcase.

However, the boffins in Graco created a solution, a lightweight (yet powerful ) carbide piston that reduces the draw on the battery and enables prolonged usage.

The Graco 17M367 arrives complete with two DeWalt 20-volt Max XR power packs along with a DeWalt charger. Each cell should provide for approximately one hour of constant use. There is a charge time of just 35 minutes so that you can rotate using these cells, letting you crack without any downtime.

Admittedly, some users might consider replacing the battery every hour a hassle. However, when you’re freed from the shackles of a mains cable, you can spray wherever you need without needing to find a power source.

ProConnect Piston Pump

Time is money, right?

If you are professional, downtime means fewer hours on the clock. And if you are a committed DIYer, downtime may not cost money per se, but it could certainly cut in the ballgame or your precious drinking time.

For all those reasons, I am delighted to see that the Ultra Max 17M367 features Graco’s ProConnect system. The system ensures that you can replace this crucial component in a couple of minutes in the unlikely event of a pump failure.

There are 3 simple steps and no technical gear required, only a screwdriver. This is in contrast to many machines that need a whole strip-down to alter this crucial mechanical component. With downtime decreased, you can finish the job faster (just in time to crack open a cold one).

Painting Medium Versatility

Versatility is one characteristic of the Ultra Max 17M367 which will appeal to tradespersons and semi-pro home-improvers.

Task your 17M367 to deliver a good finish with any medium, and it is up to the job. Not only does this system handle stains, sealers, enamels, chalk, and latex-based paints without any thinning, but it can also deal with flammable fluids, such as solvents.

Most airless sprayer manufacturers worry that flammable mediums shouldn’t be used — unless you fancy turning your paint gun into an impromptu blow torch, although not the Graco 17M367.

By making sure a completely sealed hydraulic system and integrating a spark-prevention system, the Ultra Max cordless can safely spray hot lacquers and solvents.

Additionally, a selection of 2 hints (a 210 for a nice finish and a 514 for more expansive areas) lets you deliver the perfect coat determined on your foundation material. If you buy a blockage, a simple twist of a top-mounted lever lets you reverse the tip and burst out the obstruction.

FlexLiner System

This is perhaps the most controversial inclusion in the Ultra Max 17M367. Rather than the typical plastic or acrylic paint container found on many handheld airless machines, Graco uses disposable FlexLiner bags.

Simply fill out the liner with your painting medium then, after your project is done, throw the liner in the trash. This novel feature might appear highly desirable for users who have neither the time nor the inclination for post-job cleanups.

But, there is the obvious financial downside of having to always buy replacement bags because the machine only includes six FlexLiners.

What’s more, there’s the socially accountable question of whether sending paint-stained used bags to the landfill is ecological terrorism or not.

Graco attempts to alleviate these issues by saying that, if you desire, you can wash and re-use the bags. But a great number of testimonials from users indicate that they are virtually impossible to wash satisfactorily and a great deal more challenging than cleaning a standard plastic container.

  • Six FlexLiner cup bags.
  • Arrives with a storage case.
  • 60-mesh filter.
  • Carbide piston for durability
  • Lightweight for an airless handheld sprayer.
  • Adaptive 500 to 2000 psi output.
  • Complete with 210 and 514 tips.
  • Nozzle tip shield.
  • ProConnect system cuts downtime.
  • Non-fluctuating pressure to get a smooth coat.
  • Designed for professional users.
  • It’s commercial grade.
  • It might be overkill for the average DIYer.
  • Unsuitable for big projects.
  • It’s supposed to be a backup sprayer.
  • The compressor is a requirement and isn’t included.
  • A premium product, but without the premium price point.

02. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 – Best Handheld Paint Sprayer

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets View on Amazon The Flexio 890‘s celebrity is its strong air turbine. When you get a normal paint sprayer, you will often get an air compressor. Compressors pressurize the air so the paint could be published from the sprayer. But, an air compressor doesn’t pressurize but rather pushes a larger quantity of air at lower pressures.

The end result is that the air isn’t atomized and is sprayed at a greater rate. The X-Boost air compressor is among the most effective in the marketplace. It ensures that the paint is sprayed quickly and economically.

Flexible Air Hose — If you paint, you do not wish to be limited to a single place. This could make the job hard. This is particularly true if you want to paint large areas. That is why the flexible air hose is an excellent feature.

Measuring around twenty-five feet lets you reach the greatest areas to paint closer to your target when ensuring that the air compressor has sufficient stability. Made from solid materials, you won’t experience loss or leakage of energy.

Dual Tip Options — Though the Flexio 890 is primarily for general and outdoor spraying, it offers you another option for fine spraying. All you will need to do is alter the mouthpiece. A nozzle change will also permit you to use undiluted paints when required.

Generally speaking, this provides the item with another layer of flexibility. Use the iSpray nozzle for outside and basic painting, while the detail finishing nozzle is for close-up work. Paint Containers —

This device also includes two different paint containers. This depends on whether you’re doing a finishing paint or an overall painting. The Detail Finish nozzle provides 20 oz of paint, while the iSpray nozzle will allow over a litre of paint.

Features and advantages of the Wagner FLEXiO 890 Paint Sprayer 0529021

Wagner guarantees that it’s FLEXiO 890 sprayer provides unrivaled comfort together with the best finish. Let us get down to business in this Wagner 890 review and see precisely what it’s under the hood.

Separate Turbine Box

Some handheld HVLP sprayers can make your painting tasks feel like the mother-of-all workouts at the gym. Wielding the gun, inner turbine, and full container in one hand is hard work — unless you’ve got the forearms of Schwarzenegger.

The Wagner 890 paint sprayer has its turbine found at a floor-standing box — reducing the total weight of the gun and making the paint program effortless. This diminishing of heft may suit seniors, individuals lacking in the strength department, or DIYers finishing enormous jobs — where fatigue may become a problem.

Additionally, this box doubles up as a storage device with a carrying handle — enabling you to keep the very important elements of containers, hoses, and nozzles protected and safe from harm. Admittedly, this attribute may pose a challenge if you are working from a ladder — even though the included 11.5-foot hose might help alleviate that situation.

2 Nozzles and Cups

For expansive jobs, such as wall painting or discard weatherproofing, the iSpray nozzle along with its 1.5-quart (1419 ml) cup will let you pay an eight-by-ten-foot area in only five minutes.

This proprietary head lets you utilize an assortment of unthinned mediums — without needing to use another nozzle required in certain lower-end units. It is worth bearing in mind the FLEXiO 5000 — designed to replace the 890 — includes a more technologically advanced iSpray mind that guarantees less overspray and easier cleanup.

If that is important for you, it may be worth checking out that unit instead. For more intricate and precise finishing work, the Wagner FLEXiO 890 paint sprayer contains a detailed nozzle — perfect for smooth finishes and smaller jobs. Furthermore, it includes a 0.85-quart (800 ml) container, making the gun more streamlined overall and allowing access into restricted areas.

Width Control and Spray Patterns

A simple twist of the nozzle head (on the iSpray, not the comprehensive cap) gives you the ability to switch between three spray patterns — allowing you to pick the method of paint shipping. Including: Horizontal spray — for up-and-down movements, on these substances as railings. Vertical spray — for side-to-side painting, by way of instance, on discard boards.

Diagonal spray — for up-and-down and side-to-side moves, ideal for corners and edges. Additionally, an integrated diameter lever (again, just on the iSpray mind ) gives you the flexibility to select the spray breadth — preventing wastage and overspray.

X-Boost Control

Maybe what makes the Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 HVLP appealing to the most OCD of DIYers is its controllability. Many budget-end units have only 1 air turbine set.

However, the X-Boost characteristic of the 890 permits you to tailor the air pressure to your preferred medium and choice of shipping speed. By turning a dial on the rifle counterclockwise, the power drops — rotate it clockwise and ramps up.

Hence, for quick coverage or using mediums with a thick viscosity — crank up the turbine pressure. For thinner materials or if requiring a finish with a little finesse, bring it down a bit.

Various Moderate Compatible

The bespoke iSpray nozzle of this FLEXiO 890 HVLP, together with its X-Boost feature, means that this system can function with plenty of unthinned coating mediums. While not exhaustive, this unit will flourish on powering enamels, primers, oils, latex, and 2-in-1 paints. Moreover, a material flow controller provides you with the capability to adjust the quantity of liquid propelled from the machine.

  • Three spray patterns. 11.5-foot hose.
  • Includes two cups and nozzles.
  • Spray-width control attribute.
  • Delivers 8.4 gallons per hour.
  • Perfect for large projects.
  • Acceptable for use with unthinned mediums.
  • X-Boost control offering a choice of turbine speeds.
  • A separate turbine box allows for lightweight use.
  • Loud operation.
  • Together with the box, it is a massive unit.
  • Turbine boxes can create high-level work, like on ladders, hard.
  • The version is now superseded by the FLEXiO 5000.

03. HomeRight C800971 – Best Cheap Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets View on Amazon We’ll get into the specifics of the HomeRight Super Finish Max Review soon, but before we start, here is a fast overview. This handheld sprayer is constructed to deliver smooth, consistent, professional-looking benefits in less time. The C800971 is acceptable for painting or staining anything from fences and walls to furniture or cabinets.

The single-stage telescope utilizes 450 watts of power, enabling it to deal with many different media, such as thicker liquids. Additionally, the interchangeable tips also mean that you can tackle many different tasks, often without the need for weight reduction. Everything you will need to get started is included:

  • The Finish Max Super unit
  • Three brass spray nozzles (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm)
  • A spray nozzle
  • A 40-ounce container with a lid
  • Wrench
  • Cleaning brush and manual of the consumer

HomeRight has been designing tools for DIYers and homeowners for over 25 years and has since become a part of the Wagner SprayTech brand. The Super Finish Max is the top-of-the-line instrument in the HVLP assortment of sprayers. This line has something for everybody, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

Features and Advantages of HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

The manufacturer claims that the HomeRight C800971 delivers professional results with less paint thinning and hassle. Let us look at the characteristics to ascertain whether that is true.

450-Watt Motor

The single-stage motor offers a lot of power to accept little to medium-size jobs around the home or garden. That is enough brawn to permit using some thicker liquids without thinning. The turbine motor also removes the requirement for a compressor.

HVLP Technology

HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) sprayers are designed to minimize overspray and enhance precision. They are created with efficiency in mind — so you will save yourself time and money.

Multiple Spray Tip Sizes

The HomeRight paint sprayer includes three interchangeable tips. The bigger tip size means that thicker paints or stains may be used without being thinned first.

This versatility factor permits you to use this unit for a vast array of spraying jobs. Three other tip sizes are available for purchase individually. The 2.0millimeter tip is pre-installed on the sprayer.


What is notable about the HomeRight Finish Max Fine HVLP Paint Sprayer is that it is a handheld unit and does not weigh a fantastic deal — just over 3 pounds. Combining both of these features should decrease the probability of arm fatigue and imply that painting or staining every corner of your job is a cinch.

Adjustable Spray

The HomeRight Finish Max Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer contains two separate air caps to change the paint flow, leaving the nozzle. This means that you can tailor the number of paint according to the job at hand.

What’s more, it also includes a volume dial to conveniently change the size of the spray pattern. You simply begin with a small diameter and increase the dimensions as appropriate. The width is adjustable from one to 12 inches.

Brass Spray Tips and Needle

If you have been doing your research, you might have spotted that many competitors take advantage of plastic tips. Though they serve their function, brass spray tips are far more durable.

The Super Finish Max includes the latter, which will withstand corrosion, wear and tear and also endure the occasional fall from a great height.

Cleaning and Care

The cleanup component of a job is what everybody hates, but it is really simple with the HomeRight C800971. There are not many individual parts to it, so disassembling it’s a straightforward procedure.

When you are painting or staining with water-based substances, you simply need a rag and sterile water. Use the rag to wash the individual parts clean, especially the nozzle and needle.

If you are using oil-based materials, then you need to use mineral spirits in precisely an identical manner.

40-Ounce Fill Cup

The 40-ounce plastic fill cup is considerably larger than many supplied with paint sprayers. With this capability, you can cover an area of 100 sq-feet without needing to down your resources.

You will have the ability to spend more time painting and less time refilling the container — finishing that fencing much quicker.

  • Minimal overspray reduces material wastage.
  • Adaptive paint volume controller.
  • It’s three kinds of spray included.
  • Three spray tips.
  • It runs quietly and makes a minimal sound.
  • It’s excellent for spraying stains on wood.
  • Delivers professional-looking results in significantly less time.
  • Unsuitable for painting ceilings or floors.
  • It’s not designed for large jobs.
  • Gives a rough finish.

04. Graco Ultra 17M363 – Best Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets View on Amazon Both Airless and Cordless — This Graco 17M363 review will show why this machine is perhaps the most unique handheld sprayer on the market.

Whether you are a paint professional or a homeowner with a preference for the most current DIY, the Graco Cordless 17M363 is a vital advantage for small painting jobs. Fantastic for indoor and outdoor small to medium jobs, this unit has a significant growl, from 500 PSI to 2000 PSI, flexible using a side-mounted dial.

Furthermore, its 514 suggestion is acceptable for a large number of spray media, from sealants to chalk and latex-based paints, meaning no predilution is necessary.

A piston pump, made from high-quality carbide, offers impressive durability while remaining remarkably lightweight. And its unique FlexLiner bags remove post-project cleaning headaches. Aimed primarily at the contractor market, this unit includes a habit ProConnect system, letting you rapidly replace the pump without dismantling it.

Meaning downtime is kept to a minimum. The 17M363 Graco cordless has a set of DeWalt X-R lithium-ion cells, providing about one hour of use on a single charge.

In addition, it comes with a storage case, battery charger, and four liners. This version is a mid-range unit in Graco’s Ultra line of portable devices, a step above the less expensive 17M359 and beneath the flagship product, the 17M367 compatible with flammable substances.

Features and advantages of the Graco 17M363 Cordless Sprayer

Time to dive into the features of this unit and discover what makes this sprayer among the most unique and professional-friendly in the marketplace.

ProConnect Pump

Together with the ProConnect Vacuum Replacement System, there is no need to stop the project you are working on should a malfunction occur.

Simply remove the side panel of the sprayer, and, with the assistance of a Phillips head screwdriver — just take the pump out and replace it with a new one.

Refasten the screws the panel back on, and return to painting. The Graco Ultra includes the advanced TRIAX Triple Piston Pump with carbide and stainless-steel parts — allowing for improved durability and longevity.

Additionally, the Graco Ultra sprayer cannot only manage those occasional tasks around the home — but it is also more than prepared to handle those heavy-duty professional occupations.

The TRIAX system is designed to accommodate several distinct thicknesses of paint and perform reliably daily. The triple piston allows for consistent power — preventing the machine from getting throttled or worried too readily.

This is particularly beneficial to everyday and professional users that need dependable intense output from their sprayers.

DeWalt 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

DeWalt is a famous name in the realm of professional power tools — both builders and hardcore DIYers can be assured they are getting both the electricity and the longevity from the battery system.

Two cells and a charger are included with the 17M363 Ultra Graco sprayer. The DeWalt 20V lithium-ion battery costs 30 percent faster than other leading brands. With just 35 minutes of charging time, mobile replenishment should not mean excessive downtime.

In addition, this sprayer works with almost any DeWalt 20V battery. This gives you the option to upgrade your batteries to get a greater capacity for even more functionality time should you desire.

Care and Cleaning

Besides regularly cleaning the sprayer, ensuring that the unit and its components remain dry and debris free are critical for protecting your investment.

The benefit of the Ultra’s portability is that it is easily stowed in its own carrying case and complementary pieces. While the sprayer itself should be OK in many temperatures, the batteries must always be kept in a dry climate between 50 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperatures — too cold or hot — will get the battery charge time to be considerably reduced.

RAC X FFLP Spray Tips

The RAC Fine Finish/Low-Pressure spray tips allow for a professional-looking smooth coating with no need for a high-powered, high-pressure machine. Additional, these nozzle finishes will work with all Graco airless cordless products in addition to larger ground-sitting sprayers. And, to save time, the hints are reversible, letting you clear blockages without needing to dismantle the device.

Simple Operation

All the parts of the 17M363 are simple to take apart and reassemble within minutes. While this compact modular construct was designed with builders in mind, using this sprayer is also simple for non-professionals.

The instruction manual offers concise information about the sprayer’s applications, in addition to any troubleshooting consumers may have to do. You may also find additional information on Graco’s website.

SmartControl Pressure Balance

The SmartControl feature ensures a perfectly smooth coating — allowing you to move the sprayer across the painting surface at different speeds without having oscillations at the last finish.

Moreover, the balanced pressure feature prevents an uneven finish. It negates the need to return over certain areas with a different coat.

Two Spray Patterns

The Graco 17M363 Ultra cordless airless handheld sprayer features two spray patterns. Simply rotate the nozzle 180 degrees to change. It is advisable to shut off the sprayer ahead — as paint can be released in this procedure.

FlexLiner System

The 32-ounce FlexLiner paint bags allow for effortless cleanup — allowing you to interchange paints more rapidly than using a conventional container.

ProControl II Speed Adjustment System

The Graco Ultra Airless 17M363 includes a motor speed controller, which lets you adjust spray concentrations according to your existing project.

  • Portable.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • FlexLiner bag system.
  • Quick pump removal reduces downtime.
  • 60-mesh filter.
  • Industrial strength carbide pump.
  • It is offering 500 PSI through to 2000 PSI.
  • Durable spray nozzle shield.
  • Arrives with a storage case.
  • Even and consistent pressure to get a smoother coat.
  • Not suited to big jobs.
  • A complete cost for high-end merchandise.
  • It’s meant to be a backup sprayer.
  • The compressor is a requirement and isn’t included.
  • It Might Be over-specced for the casual home DIYer.

05. Wagner Control Spray Dual Duty Review

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Cabinets View on Amazon

Another Wagner paint sprayer you need to try is the Wagner Control Spray Double Duty. It’s an HVLP (high volume, low pressure) paint sprayer that manages various thin materials such as urethanes, varnishes, lacquers, and sealants.

Additionally, it comes with practical features that make it a lot easier to use than conventional sprayers. An HVLP paint sprayer is excellent for homeowners. You’ll need this tool for those who have a good deal of decorating work that has to be done.

The blasting method of conventional sprayers can never be trusted since they’re bad for the environment. Aside from that, such sprayers cannot produce beautiful finishes. Just 30 percent of the paint goes to the surface. The remainder goes to the atmosphere, which is a massive waste.

But you can prevent this habit from occurring if you have Wagner Control Spray Double Duty. Apart from the Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2, this is one of the best HVLPs you may find on the market today.

Because of its features, it is possible to create quality finishes even if you aren’t an expert. This sprayer also provides you complete control of the amount of material you spray.

Besides, you can control the size and pattern of the spray using a simple adjustment. Aside from that, it can guarantee its constant operation because it is electrically powered.

If you have multiple home furnishings, you want to get this tool. It is possible to keep the integrity of your constructions by frequently coating them with paint!

Features and Advantages of the Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty

Wagner SprayTech has built its reputation on providing strong and durable painting power tools. It is time to pull back the curtains and show whether this machine really is double-duty rather than double-trouble.

Two-Stage Turbine

The boffins from the Wagner design laboratory have created an inner powerhouse with a two-stage turbine — promising a more efficient and consistent moderate address than those of its rivals.

What’s more, it’s rated for both indoor and outdoor use (hence double-duty), meaning it is equally at home refinishing your cabinets as it’s staining your backyard. Providing rapid shipping, you can cover an eight-by-ten-foot place in under five minutes.

Lock N Go Design

Wagner’s proprietary Lock N Go feature allows you to straightforwardly divide the gun into its component parts. This allows for quick cleaning post-project and lets you switch paint colours or cup sizes without the hassle associated with lower-end machines.

Two Trainers

The Wagner Control Spray 0518050 arrives with two interchangeable material cups — one quart and 1.5 quarts. The container is perfectly suited to small in-home jobs which don’t require masses of paint.

Using the bigger container for these small projects are something of overkill — a little like taking a bag to the supermarket to get a Twinkie. The 1.5-quart container is the consummate outdoor vessel — letting you cover an area of 120 square feet without repainting — appropriate for staining border fencing.

Replaceable Air Filter

A simple press of a button on the back of the machine releases the back-housing — allowing you to effortlessly replace or clean the inner air filter.

This crucial longevity-boosting feature protects detritus ingress to the turbine — that could otherwise result in degradation or damage. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of dust or hairs making their way through the spray gun and your project material.

Control Finish Nozzle

The bespoke Control Finish Nozzle was designed to give smooth and precise finishes with stains, sealers, and varnishes.

And, while it does indeed deliver a better-than-brush style finish — it’ll struggle with denser mediums. Using acrylic, chalk, or latex-based paints may require serious thinning — and it might still be too dense — which makes this unit less than perfect for painting walls or ceilings.

Having said that, the machine also includes a viscosity cup and related chart — letting you check the density of your painting medium before filling the container and decide whether it requires dilution. What’s more, a quick turn of this nozzle end lets you change between a selection of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal spray patterns.

Material Flow Control

As individuals, some paints are thicker than others. A dense paint will normally necessitate a thinner coating compared to less dense mediums.

This may be problematic with low-end HVLP (high-volume low-pressure) sprayers since they have just 1 flow setting. For that reason, it’s pleasing to find that the Wagner Double Duty comprises adjustable volume control.

Meaning, with an easy turn of a dial, you can change the quantity of paint leaving the gun — determined by its density.

In addition, this can be a bonus when you are trying to pay for a dark-colored base material with a lighter color, providing you with the capacity to increase the depth of the coat. Remember, however, that over-drenching your job may lead to drips and pooling.

Rubber-Coated Manage

The plastic handle of the Wagner Double Duty contains a treaded rubber outer. This wonderful feature elevates grip and should decrease perspiration.

By increasing the grip from the hand, it requires less power to wield, therefore decreasing fatigue. Furthermore, it should diminish the probability of accidental slippage — making sure that your door-painting project does not suddenly incorporate the walls and flooring also.

  • Two paint containers.
  • Control Finish Nozzle.
  • Contains a viscosity-test cup.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Created for trimming and small staining projects.
  • Incorporates an air filter.
  • 4.9 fluid ounces per minute flow.
  • Three spray patterns.
  • It’s a short cord.
  • It may battle with large-scale work.
  • Thicker mediums may require thinning.
  • Lacks the impressive iSpray head of FLEXiO Series units.

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