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5 Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets and Trim For 2021

By Sara William

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Selecting the best paint sprayer for cabinets and trim is always a challenging decision. Why? Due to a large number of badly designed spray guns available on the market. This makes it hard for the buyer to make a choice.

When applying paint to your cabinets and trims, you must use the best paint sprayer. The quality of the paint sprayer determines the quality of the finish and the outcome, so paying for the best paint sprayer is non-negotiable.

Here, I’ve rounded up the best paint sprayers you may use to paint on your cabinets and trims.

Why We Use Paint Sprayer For Cabinets and Trim?

Painting doors and trim well can help your home stand out from the rest.

And using a paint sprayer to paint doors and trim makes it so much easier.

We have checked out all of the best paint sprayers that will assist you in knocking out DIY jobs like a pro.

My Top Picks: 5 Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets and Trim 2021.

So let’s get started in a Detail Review of the Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets and Trim 2021

1. Graco Magnum 17G180 Guru X19 Cart Paint Sprayer Review – Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets and Trim

Graco Magnum 17G180 Guru X19 Cart Paint Sprayer’s three chief attributes are efficiency, speed and maneuverability. This heavy-duty paint sprayer can deal with your painting needs in the best way.

Fully adjustable pressure to offer you maximum control of paint flow for any size project; RAC IV SwitchTip allows you to undo the tip when it is clogged so that you can keep spraying.

This Magnum airless sprayer is constructed with TrueAirless technologies that atomize paint to achieve perfect finishes through high-pressure electricity. The Guru ensures that you receive the best possible end, unmatched by other sprayers on the market.

Among the best features of this sprayer is its large, portable design. Unlike some airless sprayers, the Graco Magnum Pro has two rubber tires that will assist you in moving the item from point to point. Without stress! No hand fatigue! You may paint your cabinet and trim comfortably.

We love this sprayer since it could spray undiluted paints under high pressure due to the steel piston pump. For paints like latex, it’s not necessary to lean them before spraying. This produces the sprayer very effectively.

This sprinkler restricts the build-up of clogs. It is accompanied by an InstaClean pump filter which reduces debris and clogging to enhance spraying efficiency. Additionally, it has a reversible RAC IV switch tip that prevents clogging and permits you to keep on spraying.

I enjoy the long hose the sprayer includes. It gives you extra reach when spraying, so you don’t have to feel at a disadvantage.

Advantages of the Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19

Providing coverage 14-times faster than a brush — the Graco X19 is excellent for larger-scale projects. But this machine is not purely about speed. Let’s dive in to discover what makes this system attractive to the pro or dedicated DIY user.

Cart Mounted

The Graco Magnum ProX19 comes with a 50-foot hose (even though it’s compatible with dimensions up to 150 ft ), reducing the number of times you will need to relocate the pump device.

However, because you’re covering at a fast pace — this may indicate you might need to frequently move the sprayer to a different room or farther along your broad border fencing. Consequently, it’s satisfying to note the Graco 17G180 X19, like its predecessor, the Graco Magnum X9, is mounted on a cart — allowing you to transfer the machine with minimal effort — reducing the strain on your back.

What’s more, if you are a builder working on multiple websites, you might welcome this sided attribute — allowing you to drag the sprayer up a ramp in your van or pick it up.

Standing at over 36 inches is a hefty unit, which can lead to storage headaches for some. If that is a deal-breaker — keep in mind which you can buy the X19 on a much briefer, floor-mounted stand.

SG3 Spray Gun

Much like the X19’s previous incarnation– the Magnum ProX9 airless paint sprayer –, this system includes the SG3 gun — Graco’s pinnacle airless spraying shooter.

Its alloy yet lightweight construction offers impressive durability and will stand up to the knock and lumps that intense use can entail. And, with a highly polished chrome finish, you will draw envious looks from neighbors and be the talk of the town (if you reside in a bizarre suburb where people have nothing better to do than talk about the comparative shininess of spray guns).

Designed for elongated usage — the four-finger pull trigger requires 30 percent less attempt to squeeze than its rivals — reducing fatigue on these mammoth projects. Moreover, it incorporates a considerable tip shield to protect the delicate nozzle from unintentional damage.

Having an in-handle filter — clogs should not be an issue. But should the unwanted happen, a quick twist of a top-mounted lever permits you to reverse the trick to blasting away any debris?

One of the stand-out characteristics that the SG3 has over the SG2 version is that the Smooth Glide Hose Swivel. This guarantees that however much you twist your wrist during surgery — you are not limited from the hose, nor will you cause any coiling or kinking.

ProX Pump System

The piston of the pump mechanism is fabricated from stainless steel — providing reassuring durability. This system allows for a recommended annual use throughput of up to 500 gallons.

What’s more, it includes quick replacement capability. Should this vital component fail, you can remove and replace the pump (provided that you have a spare) in a matter of moments without needing to use any tools.

This may interest the tradesperson consumer — reducing your downtime and avoiding explaining to a client why you are having yet another break. Unless, of course, you’re looking for an explanation for a few you time — in which case, series the replacement procedure out and speak with your punter about unreliable spray-widgets and pump-grommets or other such crap.

Painless Priming

If you know your airless sprayers — you understand that priming is crucial — ensuring that the entire system is filled with your coat medium without air bubbles or pockets. The X19 boasts a bespoke PushPrime attribute — radically reducing pre-project prep — a feature not contained in its predecessor, the Guru X9 paint sprayer.

Spraying Medium Versatility

The mighty 0.875 horsepower engine, together with the 515 hints, makes the X19 acceptable for use with stains, sealers, enamels, chalk, and latex-based paints — typically without thinning.

That being said, should you take a tip end especially suited to your painting medium — this sprayer can be used with nozzle-end sizes, which range from 0.009-inch through to 0.019-inch.

Adjustable Power Control

Fight the Power!’ Sang Chuck D and Public Enemy — but with the variable flow knob of this X19 — you do not need to.

A simple turn of the significant dial lets you tone down the energy a little, making it more suited to your covering moderate. Broadly, lowering the intensity on thinner materials prevents overspray, pooling, and drippage.

Graco X19 Vs. Graco Magnum 261820 Prox9 Hi-Boy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

In 2018, Graco dropped the respected Magnum Pro X9 paint sprayer out of its line-up and replaced it with the Magnum ProX19 cart airless paint sprayer.

The machines are almost identical.

The chassis and cart are the same, and both components provide 0.875 horsepower at 3000 PSI. They comprise an identical SG3 gun and discuss a yearly throughput of 500 gallons each year.

The only difference between the Graco ProX9 airless paint sprayer and the X19 is that the new machine boasts the revolutionary PushPrime system. This trademarked attribute appears on every new pro after 2018 — and Graco, wanting to make sure that all its present machines met the very same specifications, reworked the X9 to include this feature — and rebranded the sprayer as the X19.

  • 3000 PSI.
  • Perfect for extreme use.
  • SG3 spray gun.
  • 50-foot hose.
  • Adjustable pressure.
  • No-tools-required pump replacement.
  • Mounted on a cart for easy transportability.
  • Push-Prime attribute for rapid start-up.
  • A suction-line eliminates the necessity for filling.
  • Requires some expertise to use.
  • Plastic tire tread can wear rapidly.

2. Neu Master N3140 600W High Power HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun

Neu Master might be less famous than Graco Magnum or HomeRight, but it’s a brand that produces high-quality paint sprayers. It’s a versatile sprayer that works with all types of finishes like latex, lacquers, etc.

This paint sprayer includes a particular spacing arrangement between the engine and the gun body, making it lighter than a manual spray gun. Added 6-foot hose and 6.6-foot electricity cable support long-distance jobs.

The paint sprayer comes equipped with turbofans and a 600W engine to deliver superior paint finishes. You may paint your cabinet, trim, and even fencing. And what’s more? The sprayer works with most paints like polyurethane, vinyl, polyacrylic, chalk paint, varnish, oil-based enamel, etc.

Neu Master comes with a detailed finishing nozzle which you could correct for the perfect finish. Includes 2.5mm and 3.0mm nozzles that let you spray circular, vertical and horizontal patterns.

The user-friendly design enables the newcomer to operate more easily. The buildable design makes cleaning the paint gun simpler and more efficient.

Concerning adjusting the sprayer, this is among the easiest. It’s a control knob that you can easily turn to find a terrific spray. The sprayer is easy to use thanks to its simplified structure. You may even wash it quickly as the bits are removable. All you will need to do is disassemble and assemble after cleaning.

Advantages of this NEU MASTER N3140 Turbine Sprayer

Since I’ve established, while it is promoted as a pro-unit, the NEU MASTER is far from trade-level. It simply lacks the energy output, robust build, and capability for a contractor-grade machine.
But does it have the features and simplicity of working with the casual home-improver requirements?

Time to delve into this machine’s capabilities.

Floor-Standing Turbine

There is nothing wrong with handheld machines, but they can make bigger projects challenging. Wielding these significant units can stress the hands and wrist, which means fatigue in time-extensive tasks, like a complete room respray.

The NEU MASTER addresses this issue by integrating the turbine into another ground-sitting case. You do not want the arms of Schwarzenegger to maintain the gun for any amount of time. Additionally, it reduces the annoyance of hand vibration.

What’s more, the turbine unit features a handle for easy transportation. This is particularly helpful if some of your projects involve using a ladder or scaffolding.

The downside of the turbine is that it lacks the search motor grunt found in high-end sprayers. With around half of the power of serious machines, you may experience propellant issues with viscous mediums. Adding to the challenge, you can not correct the pressure output to fit your paint or stain’s density, resulting in overspray on thinner liquids.

Spray Patterns and Nozzles

The N3140 from NEU MASTER comes complete with two nozzle dimensions: 0.1-inch and 0.12-inch (2.5 mm and 3.0 mm).

For work that needs more precision and finesse, like moldings or intricate wood detailing, use the smaller cap-end. For bigger jobs, including spraying walls or doors, use the nozzle.

Furthermore, turning the nozzle head lets you switch between horizontal, vertical, and circular spray patterns. You may deliver your moderate in the process best suited to your foundation material.

My only criticism is that head gives no choice of spray width. This is a desirable characteristic found on many Wagner machines, like the FLEXiO 4000.

Adjustable Flow Control

If, such as Mick Jagger, you get a red door and you need to paint it black, you will welcome the N3140 turbine machine’s adjustable flow control.

By turning a dial on the gun casing, you can crank up or slow the paint’s shipping quantity. Therefore, like the strutting and aging pop star, if you are changing a lighter foundation material into a darker tone, you do not want a coat like painting a black door with less intense color.

Just remember that one exceptionally thick coat is not a replacement for two thinner coverings. Turning up the shipping rate to eleventy-stupid can lead to dripping and pooling — and ruin the finish.

Viscosity Cup

The viscosity cup is a welcome addition, and it is rarely witnessed in budget-grade sprayers.

By assessing the amount of time it takes for your painting medium to drain through this tool, you can learn if it requires thinning until you fill the cup. As you won’t attempt to spray paint or stain that is too dense (and then break down the machine to wash out the above paint), the viscosity cup should also decrease downtime.

Straightforward Cleaning

It is pleasant to see that disassembling the NEU MASTER N3140 is easy even for the spraying newcomer.

Just flick the unlock lever, turn the gun through 90-degrees while holding the cup, and pull.

Rinsing out the cup and gun head is effortless, which saves downtime and provides you more freedom to continue with your next job or enjoy a well-deserved chilly one.

Lengthy Hose and Power Cord

The unit’s 6-foot power cord and 6.6-foot spray hose should provide adequate operational freedom for many small-to-medium projects. And mean you won’t need to move the machine regularly.

However, this may be restrictive if your home-improvement plans incorporate vast expanses of walling or fencing. Because of this, many competitor units include a hose that is 15-feet long (or greater) to tackle significant jobs.

  • Affordable.
  • Includes two spray tips.
  • 600-watts.
  • Easy-to-clean.
  • Variable flow control.
  • Contains a viscosity cup.
  • Choice of three spray patterns.
  • Molded handle.
  • Acceptable for casual DIYers.
  • Lightweight for a ground-sitting turbine.
  • Lacks durability for intensive work.
  • The plastic gun won’t appeal to serious spraying fans.
  • High-splatter, drip, and overspray.
  • Struggles with latex paints. These will require thinning.

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3. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer

HomeRight Power Flo is the first on this list because of its efficacy and spraying power. This paint sprayer includes a degree of ease that lots of sprayers on the market can’t offer.

The technology on this machine is superb. The innovative design has great features which make spraying enjoyable. The airless paint sprayer has all of the characteristics to paint large projects with no hassle. Reaches narrow and far surfaces better due to the 25-foot hose. This paint sprayer is containerless like most HVLP sprayers. It has a long cord so the paint can be drawn directly from a bucket or can. This is great since you do not have to refill once you run out of paint, as you can always use your favorite large cans.

And buckets. Additionally, you can paint for a protracted period without interruptions if it’s a large project.

The heavy-duty sprayer is acceptable for spraying most sealers and finishes. You can spray oil-based paints, water-based paints, lacquers, varnishes, latex and many others. As a result of its reversible spray nozzle, it is possible to paint effectively without worrying about clogs. This makes the sprayer acceptable for use with thick paints like latex.

The sprayer is also simple to assemble, although several parts are contained in the bundle. However, once constructed, painting is significantly easier. Best of all, moving the sprayer is simple due to its ergonomic carry handle.

Advantages of the Power Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer

Metal Spray Gun

While the hydraulic pump is not strong enough for hardcore software — the spray gun is reassuringly durable. It must withstand all of the bumps and knocks that DIY use will throw at it with metal construction.

Although its chrome-plating may seem awesome and be as shiny as the fender on a 1958 Plymouth Fury — do not get used to it, as it won’t last. Users indicate that even with mild usage, this veneer will start to flake — not affecting the gun’s performance, but it will obtain a used look that belies its age.

The handle on the pistol is pleasingly knurled — that should encourage a continuous grip even with gloved or perspiring hands. Furthermore, a significant four-finger operated trigger should ease wrist, hand, and digit strain.

Furthermore, the gun incorporates a 100-mesh filter — so, if any paint flakes or debris enter the mechanism — they won’t be expelled from the gun and destroy your ideal finish.

Powerful Hydraulic Pump

The Flo Pro still knocks out an impressive 0.5 horsepower while a DIY unit provides a satisfying 2800 PSI. This should not just offer you speedy coverage but also be powerful enough to propel viscous mediums like latex paints.

But should your work require a little finesse and attention to detail, or you are using a relatively thin stain, it is possible to bring down the pressure via a tactile power control knob.

Perhaps my only criticism is that the layout of the pump casing. Ok, it does not influence the operation — but jeez, obviously, the designers were using an off-day when they made this monstrosity. I think that if a manufacturer requires plenty of care with the exterior of a tool, then an equal amount of attention will have been paid to the interior elements.

The pump is a box with a handle. It has the rugged look of an industrial-grade machine or a consumer unit’s nice aesthetics — looking like an oversized vehicle battery.

Suction Hose

The HomeRight Flo Pro boasts a suction hose permitting you to draw paint out of a first one or five-gallon container. Not only does this eliminate the messy process of filling a cup, but it also means that, unlike in handheld units, you are not taking the weight of the coating medium on your hand — reducing fatigue.

However, be warned that the hose is not that flexible, making it liable to jump from shallow containers. Hence, with smaller paint cans, it is good to secure this tube to stop your wall painting project from becoming a floor covering you.

Spray Tip Guard

Unless you’ve got the skills of legendary catcher Johnny Bench — your sweaty and paint-splattered hands will, sooner or later, cause you will fall the spray gun.

And, while the pistol casing will stand up to hitting the ground — the exact and delicate 515 latex suggestion will not. Consequently, it’s reassuring to find that the PowerFlo HomeRight airless paint sprayer comes with a sizable spray shield to prevent damage to this vital component.

Reversible Spray Tip

If any residues pass the gun filter — it may result in congestion of the nozzle end.

Luckily, the HomeRight Power Flo includes a reversible spray tip — rotate the gun-mounted lever to flip the tip through 180 degrees and blast off at a waste place. This will remove any clogging and make it possible for you to proceed with your job with very little time lost.

Easy Storage

The tubular stand of this Homeright Pro Flo can store the many parts when not in use — preventing loss and accidental damage.

The 25-foot hose may be reclined to sit on the elongated toes, the mains cable hangs on the side of the pump, and the suction hose stays in its drip cup.

  • 25-foot hose.
  • 2800 PSI power output.
  • Reversible spray tip.
  • The suction pump prevents refilling.
  • Integrated handle for portability.
  • Non-kink hose.
  • Aesthetically unpleasing.
  • Unsuitable for extreme work.
  • Suction tube liable to leave the container if not secured.

4. Tilswall Electric Paint Gun – Best Lightweight Sprayer

Do you want an efficient sprayer to manage your small projects? I suggest that the Tilswall electrical paint gun. This sprayer includes everything you want to make a professional finish. It includes a powerful 500W motor that releases paint efficiently from the nozzle. With the utmost spray of 1200 ml/min, this spray reduces excess paint for the best results.

This paint sprayer includes an integrated filter nozzle to prevent air from getting into the engine and nozzle. Ensures spray performance isn’t affected.

This sprayer is easy to move thanks to the very long cord. Along with helping the movement, this sprayer enhances accessibility. Let’s you reach farther and narrow stains on surfaces to paint.

9.84 ft. 120 din / s Cable — 9.84 ft / 3 m cable raises accessibility when you want more freedom; 120din / s supports large viscosity to prevent snapping easily, which will make the weapon spit and sizzle, even for latex paint. Perfect for decks, fences, furniture, trim, sheds, railings, and garages.

Its three individual nozzles can be adjusted independently to spray in any way you would like. You can opt to spray vertically, horizontally or in a spiral. Additionally, the different nozzles permit the sprayer to be used with another end, such as lacquer, latex, etc.

Though it’s lightweight, the sprayer fits perfectly in hand. The design permits you to hold the sprayer for quite a very long time without experiencing hand fatigue. It is also possible to clean the sprayer easily because you can take it apart.

Advantages of this Tilswall Electric Paint Gun


With three choices pattern ( Vertical & Circular & Horizontal), you may enjoy it and flexible flow control for top-notch outcomes to approach a particular task.


Built-in additional filter nozzle to filter air and protect against dust to enter, protect the engine from damage, boost half of working functionality.

Equipped with three different sized nozzles ( Φ3.0mm, Φ2.6mm, Φ1.8mm) to fulfill any tasks. Suitable for table, Chair automobile, shutter and any wood furniture.


Perfect for those people who want to work with over paint alone. Latex, lacquers, primers, water-based paint, solvent-based paints, finishes, 2-component paints, clear finish, automotive finishes, staining sealers, wood sealer-preservatives and stains all run through Tilswall paint sprayer with no problem.

  • Extra-long power cord
  • Contained needle to unclog paint
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It is not easy to find Another spray tank to buy separately.

5. Neu Master NSG0070 Electric Spray Gun

This is just another Neu Master merchandise on this list. This electric spray gun includes the proper features to make the paint more fluid.

The Neu Master spray gun has a lightweight design and is quite comfortable to hold in your hand. This means you could wear it for several hours without feeling exhausted. The handle is also ergonomic and smooth, making spraying simple.

Controlling the flow of paint with the flow control knob to rapidly increase or reduce material output for different needs. The maximum flow rate can reach 900 ml/min.

The paint sprayer has three nozzles that provide incredible finishes. You can opt to spray any pattern you prefer, be it vertical, horizontal, or circular. Additionally, you can take advantage of this sprayer easily on trim and cabinets for the best result.

Among the best features of this sprayer is its large 1200 ml container capability. The container capacity is big enough to hold paint and finishes, which could last through the whole painting procedure. This is beneficial because the paint content doesn’t have to be replaced after a few frequent uses. This boosts speed, efficiency and reduces fatigue.

This sprayer also includes excellent adjustability. You may fix the paint flow and trick for the best sprays. This not only contributes to a superior finish but also prevents overspray. Additionally, the sprayer is easy to clean, particularly the nozzles. It has brushes and pins, which can help you eliminate clogs easily.


What Job can this gun be used for?

This electric paint sprayer is good for applying a superior finish on furniture, walls, ceilings, exterior siding, fences, cabinets, trim and much more.

Can I use Latex paint?

Yes. It will need to ditch the Latex to maneuver the viscosity cup with 100S. We recommend you check it on cardboard before spraying to determine if the effects can satisfy your requirement.

The way to prevent the nozzles from clogging?

Dilute the paint before using it. And wash the machine immediately after painting.

Is it user-friendly?

Yes. It is quite simple for the novice to paint. Please make sure the lid of the container is tightened.

Is this paint sprayer has replacement services?

Yes. NEU MASTER products provide replacement or refund service if it’s damaged. If quality problems happen in a guaranteed period, we supply replacement service rather than repairing.

  • Easy to Use
  • Beautiful Work
  • Easy to cleaning
  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • Not easy to assemble

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