How To Get Spray Paint Off A Mirror – Ultimate Solution

  • By: Sara William
  • Date: May 15, 2022
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Getting spray paint off a mirror is very easy whether you want to remove the spray paint, Graffiti, and an art project mistake. Some people also overspray on the mirror and therefore want to remove it.

How can we remove spray paint from a mirror; we will discuss this in this post? Here we will talk about different products that may already be present in your home.

It’s easier to spray paint off the glass if you get to it right away. This is because removing hardened paint is a little bit difficult. You can only remove hardened paint with the right solvent. These solvents usually are liquids to strip off the paint.

In the market, different types of solvents are available that are designed to use on different types of glass. However, our main intention is to remove spray paints using simple ingredients available at the hardware store, or you already have in your home.

How to remove Graffiti from glass?

remove Graffiti from glass

If you have Graffiti in your class, it is possible to remove it from the glass Windows. You can use different solvents to remove Graffiti; however, if due to any reason, if you fail to remove it, then you need to purchase a specific Graffiti removal from your local Hardware Store.

How to clear spray paint from the glass with steel wool?

You can also remove spray paint from glass using fine steel wool. Don’t worry; it will not scratch the glass surface. First of all, lubricate the glass with a mixture of warm soapy water to prevent scratches. Using fine steel wool, scrub the surface to remove the Spraypaint. Clean the glass with warm soapy water after all the paint has been removed.

How to remove spray paint with white vinegar?

remove paint with vinegar

White vinegar can remove the spray paint from the glass if you do not want to use chemicals. The acid is present in the vinegar, which effectively dissolves the paint stains. Don’t worry about the smell of the vinegar as it dissipates in minutes.


  • 2 tablespoons of dish soap
  • 1 gallon of warm water
  • 1 cup of white vinegar

You can also use another method to put the vinegar into a pyrex or another microwave-safe measuring cup. Then boil the vinegar in the microwave. Then take out the cup by wearing gloves and carefully remove the vinegar from the microwave.

Then take a clean cloth and put in the hot vinegar, and press the cloth against the paint spots for a few minutes. It will take some time for the hardened paint to loosen. Then you have to scrub it with the vinegar-soaked cloth to remove the paint.

How to clear spray paint from the mirror using alcohol?

Keep in mind that denatured alcohol is much better than rubbing alcohol in removing paint from the mirror. Then put a small amount of denatured alcohol on the dry piece of cloth and test a small area where the paint is present.

After testing, you can scrub the paint stains with a dampened cloth to remove them. When the paint is removed with alcohol, you must clean the mirror or glass with soapy water or a glass cleaner. Finally, dry the mirror or glass with a paper towel or a cloth. It is to note that you can also remove spray paint from the plastic surfaces using rubbing alcohol.

Getting spray paint off the glass with turpentine

Many people also recommend turpentine to remove the spray paint from the glass. When you remove the paint from the glass with the turpentine, you must safely dispose of the cleaning supplies.

Then take a clean cloth and damp it in turpentine. Then apply this piece of cloth to the paint spots for a few minutes. The stain will be loosened after some time. Then you have to scrub vigorously with the cloth to remove the paint. Then dry the paint using a paper towel or dry piece of cloth.


How can we remove dried spray paint?

First of all, take a knife or spoon to scrape the hardened paint as much as possible. Then take the nail polish remover and Scrub it with cotton or cloth.

On the other side, if you remove paint from the fabric, you can throw it in the washing machine. Washing in a washing machine can strip off the paint more easily.

Is it possible to remove spray paint from the mirror?

We can easily remove spray paint from the mirror by using different materials. We can use nail polish remover, hairdryer, white vinegar, and other materials to remove the spray paint from the glass surface.

Can we remove spray paint from the mirror using paint thinner?

Yes, we can remove paint from the mirror using paint thinner or lacquer thinner. These chemicals easily lose the paint, and therefore we can clean it with a warm, dampened cloth. Make sure that you are using it carefully. It is recommended to thoroughly wash your hands after every use.

Final thoughts:

Here’s a detailed explanation of removing spray paint from a mirror. The following are the methods we discussed in this article for removing spray paint from glass or mirrors. You can use any chemicals or materials described in this post to remove the spray paint.

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